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The all-round carefree package for your hands and feet


We only work with products from leading manufacturers that combine quality and good looks. IBD – New Modeling Gel Nail Products O.P.I. – Nail polish (base and top coat) extremely durable / well-known nail polish collections from the US Harmony & O.P.I. & CND- Permanent varnish scratch resistant and last 2-3 weeks


Your hands and fingernails reveal a lot about you. Since they are always visible, they are the first thing most people notice… But not every woman has naturally beautiful nails, many suffer from nail problems. Whether soft, brittle, splintering or caused by nail biting. Hormonal changes and nail deformation are also a disruptive factor in the otherwise well-groomed appearance. It’s not a question of age, but a question of personal aspirations.

In order to lengthen short fingernails and to stabilize natural nails, we use a light-curing plastic system, also known as UV gel, for the treatments. After the treatment, the nails are approx. 60x more stable than natural nails. Before each treatment, our customers are individually and professionally advised and all customer requirements such as nail shape and length are discussed together.

We only use high-quality materials from well-known manufacturers, which are gentle on natural nails and, among other things, are even especially suitable for allergy sufferers. This means that the natural nails continue to grow unhindered under the protective modeling layer. The advantage of gel nails is that with the help of the liquid gel, crystal stones, decorations and inlaid motifs can be attached very well, which leaves a lot of freedom for individual designs.


In order to guarantee a continuously perfect appearance of your nails, not too much time should elapse between the new creation and the first refill appointment. As an optimal filling interval, three weeks is a good orientation value for healthy natural nails.


Beautiful hands are very attractive to many people. So it should go without saying that our hands should be given the attention and care they deserve. After all, they are not just “tools” but also an expression of our way of life, our personal style and the demands we place on ourselves. Our hands say more about us than we generally realize. They show the people around us how connected we are to general personal hygiene.

Our manicure includes a hand bath. By removing the cuticles, filing the nails and gently grinding the edges of the cuticles, the cuticles appear smooth and even again. At the end of the manicure, your nails are polished and a care product such as manicure oil is also applied to give them a subtle, natural shine. If you wish, we can treat your hands to a small massage and paint your nails in the color of your choice. Well-groomed hands and feet make every look so perfect. It doesn’t matter whether it’s completely natural, with a French look, classic red or trendy neon … the choice is yours


Our feet accompany us throughout life and therefore we should take good care of them. If you want to do something good for your feet and yourself, then treat yourself to professional foot care with us! Your foot care is important to us.


Foot care according to medical guidelines is about alleviating foot problems according to medical guidelines. The treatment includes the correction of nail deformation and the removal of corns, plantar warts and bruises.


Cosmetic foot care, also known as a “pedicure”, in our salon essentially involves shortening the toenails and removing the hard skin on the feet. Creaming and a pleasant foot massage complete the treatment. Requests for professional toenail painting are gladly fulfilled. When making your appointment, we ask that you let us know what type of foot care you would like (foot care according to medical guidelines or cosmetic foot care).

Wellbeing program for body, mind and soul

Leave the stress of everyday life behind and experience the feeling of a short vacation in a relaxed atmosphere! Anyone who enjoys a massage appreciates the beneficial effect on body and mind. Massages have a long tradition and are one of the oldest natural healing methods known to mankind. For thousands of years, massages have been practiced by different cultures to bring relief to people. The relaxation massages with their rhythmic and slow movements are intended exclusively for relaxation and stress reduction. They fall into the realm of well-being as they are only used to relieve tension and tension in the body.